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Secretarial Services - Keeping You and Your Business on Target


There are many professional companies offering secretarial services and administration support for medium or small businesses, and individuals. They have the opportunity to assist you regardless of their location, and internet access is all you need to utilize their many services.

Today, outsourcing is an important way of doing business and a Virtual Secretarial Service will enable you to concentrate on your business, confident in the knowledge that you are being professionally supported. They are a business solution with a flexible approach and work to meet your requirements and at times which suit you.

The benefits of hiring a virtual secretary as opposed to hiring a full-time or part-time employee is that you only pay for work completed and only when you need it, you don’t have to pay a salary.


It allows you to accelerate your business growth by gaining more time: You stay on track and on schedule.

It allows you to focus on other aspects of business: A virtual secretary’s focus is on taking care of some or all of your administrative burdens. They do the administrative work that would normally take your time, energy and attention away from the work that makes you money.

You don’t have to provide office space: A virtual secretary works from their own office. This is a huge benefit if you work out of your home – you still can maintain your privacy. You can be out of your office, even gone on vacation, and your virtual secretary can still support you.

You don’t have to provide extra equipment: A virtual secretary uses their own equipment. There is no need to buy an extra computer, software, desk, chair, phone or supplies for their use. Working together virtually is inherently more efficient and cost-effective.

You only pay for the work that you request: A Virtual secretary only charge (one simple hourly rate) for the work that they do for you and only charge the exact time it took to perform the work requested. There is no time wasted on breaks or personal issues. You don’t need to worry about a virtual secretary showing up late, taking a long lunch, leaving early or making personal phone calls.

You gain more freedom to work on business and life goals: Many business owners have a vision for their business but are held up by tight schedules which can limit how quickly you can move forward in achieving goals. With help from a virtual secretary, you have more time for business and life goals – the things that matter most to you – which brings more fulfillment to your life.

Gives you a sounding board, if you need one: You gain a partner in your business or projects to “bounce” ideas off of. A virtual secretary isn’t an employee, but a teammate to help you with all the chores and challenges of running your business and has skills and experience all her own that you can draw from. You and your virtual secretary can build a great business relationship together, which is an added benefit to improving on your business or projects.

You have peace of mind: You can relax knowing that details (such as updating client database, contacting clients, sending out products, maintaining great customer service) are being taken care of to your specifications. When you turn over these things to your virtual secretary, you become stress free and improve your productivity.

You gain flexibility to take on new challenges and opportunities: When your virtual secretary is managing the details, you will be open to take on new challenges and business opportunities. Your creativity and business can really shine when you aren’t swamped in details, overworked and distracted by things that aren’t your core business focus.

There are some disadvantages as well of hiring a secretarial service:

– Monitoring the work you give them may be quite difficult due to remote locations.

– Permanent employees may feel job insecurity as their jobs may also be outsourced.

– A feeling that someone else may not be able to do the work as good as the business owner can. In other words, “No one can do it as good as I can” type of feeling.

– Not knowing where to find a qualified secretarial service, who is best-suited for the job, and then there is the possibility of them overcharging on their accounts.

Thus, these are some advantages and disadvantages, but always make sure to check out any of the reference they have to offer, and research companies they have done work for previously. Also, double check any service agreements you might sign with them and make sure that you, the business owner, are covered as well.

Obviously there are more benefits so don’t let the disadvantages put you off. Just do your homework property on any virtual secretary you are thinking of hiring.


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